Wise Up Financial Literacy Program

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Wise Up with EECU

EECU has created a special program for High School seniors to help them prepare for the time when they will make their own financial decisions.Wise Up is designed to help students understand the realities that come with financial freedom by participating in real-life scenarios.

EECU provides all the resources for this exciting and educational training program. Our representatives will meet with you to customize the program for you and your students.

During the Wise Up event, students will experience a day in real life. In a fun but educational setting, the students will choose a career, set up a household and budget, and calculate their gross-to-net income to determine if expenses will be met.

Click here to view the KSEE24 Education Matters segment on our award-winning Wise Up program.

Our Goals Are Simple

Provide students an opportunity to see what expenses they can expect when they strike out on their own. Engage students in a fun environment as they make decisions about their occupation, car, home, family, etc.
Let the students know that they have options in life, and that their desired occupation and lifestyle is related to the level of education they pursue. Help students understand that the choices they make about their education today will have a direct impact on their financial future and their desired lifestyle.
Reach out to schools and provide a program that will educate students about finances and preparing for the real world.


Here is what students had to say about the program:

“I really appreciated EECU for coming and giving us an example of what our financial future may be like.”

“I found the experience to be very educational. I learned a lot about saving and only spending money on what is absolutely necessary."

“This experience was a wake-up call to me! I learned how important one’s credit score is, and it encouraged me to start building my credit. Overall, it was a very useful and educational activity.”

“What an ‘eye opener’; thanks for coming. I finally learned about a check book register and how to be prepared for unexpected expenses.”

For more information, or to schedule a Wise Up event at your school, please email [email protected] or contact any one of the following EECU Community Relations Officers:

Joe Doyland  (559) 284-3905
Valeria Garcia (559) 283-6059
Annabel Prindle  (559) 260-5873

Customized EECU Workshops

We offer a variety of workshops for students and adults of all ages. EECU provides all the resources for these exciting and educational training programs presented at schools, community groups, and more. Learn more about our award-winning Wise Up program, our Fun with Money program, our Credit Wise workshop, and more:

Student Workshops

Adult Workshops

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