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You could probably get a better deal on your insurance coverage...if you knew where to look, and if you had enough time to investigate.

With California Insurance Specialists (CIS) you won't have to worry about either one! You are able to quickly and easily receive an insurance quote, eliminating the hassle. Now that's easy.

Available through California Insurance Specialists, you can take advantage of the fast, convenient way to obtain quotes from a wide variety of leading insurance carriers. Just answer a few questions either by phone or online, and you can receive fast, no-obligation quotes on auto & homeowners insurance.

Click below for your FREE, NO OBLIGATION insurance quote!

Auto Insurance Quote
Homeowners Insurance Quote

Additional insurance coverage is available for: Boat, Condominium, Flood, Umbrella, Mobile Home, RV-Motor Home, and Renters.

If you find a quote you like, you can apply for coverage right over the phone at 1-888-831-0247 or online by clicking on the above insurance option of your choice. It only takes a few minutes, and you'll have the confidence of knowing you will have the coverage you need.

Whether you're buying a new car, home, or just reviewing your current insurance costs, contact a CIS representative today!

Call California Insurance Specialists toll-free if you need assistance or would prefer to speak with one of their friendly and knowledgeable licensed insurance specialists. Specialists are available Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time or visit the insurance website by clicking on one of the above insurance products.

Auto and homeowners insurance is provided by California Insurance Specialists. Auto and homeowners insurance is not an obligation of EECU or guaranteed by EECU. Any disputes or claims regarding auto and homeowners insurance policies must be resolved between the policy holder and California Insurance Specialists.

EECU CA License # 0711830

Request to Provide Proof of Auto Insurance

If you have been requested to provide proof of auto insurance to EECU, please fax or mail a copy of your insurance policy to:


(877) 577-2336


Educational Employees Credit Union
Attn: Insurance Department
PO Box 25273
Fort Worth, TX 76124


(866) 260-6101

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