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ATM Upgrade Improves Speed

By the end of 2019, our ATMs will be upgraded with technology that speeds up transactions, and new features such as touch screens and the ability to combine cash and checks in a single deposit. New features include:

Faster processing time

Touch screen technology

Horizontal card insertion

Mix cash and checks in a single deposit*

Cash dispensed in $20s and $50s

Watch our withdrawal and deposit videos to see the new screens.

*Not available at all locations.

ATM Withdrawal

ATM Deposit

Become a Volunteer at EECU

We are now accepting applications for positions on our Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee, and for our Associate Volunteer program. Click here for more information.

Our elected and associate volunteer positions are strictly voluntary – no compensation is provided. Interested applicants should demonstrate a high degree of personal financial responsibility and have no appearance of conflict with EECU’s business interests.

We are looking for members who have the time, interest, ability and commitment to serve and who will dedicate their efforts on behalf of – and for the good of – the membership.

Branch Appointments Now Available

No time to wait in line at a branch? No problem! You can now book an appointment for the following services and avoid the line:

New Accounts or Account Changes



Wire Transfers

Disputes/fraudulent transactions

Choose the branch and time that works best for your schedule. You’ll receive an email confirmation and optional text message reminder.

Click here to book an appointment.

Planning to use your debit or credit card while traveling? Be sure to let us know!

EECU takes extensive measures to help minimize and prevent fraud. If we notice debit or credit card transactions from a location that is outside of your normal spending pattern, we may block your card for your protection. If you know you’ll be traveling and using your card(s), let us know to prevent interruption in card access while you travel. Call us at 1-800-538-3328 and let us know your travel dates, or complete the Traveling Members form in Online Banking (the form is located in the Additional Services menu).

Update Your Contact Information Quickly & Securely in Online Access

Have you moved recently or changed your phone number or email? You can quickly and securely update your contact information in Online Access Home Banking. Simply login, select My Settings > Update Contact Information and enter your new address and contact number(s). Select Update Email Options to change your email address.

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