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When you apply for a loan with Educational Employees Credit Union, you do so with the intention of paying it back. But what if you were to die or become disabled before paying off the loan? Your loved ones would have to handle the huge financial impact of repayment, or the loan would end up in default. Neither of these is an attractive option.

That's why we offer Credit Life & Disability Insurance. This coverage will pay off the loan in the event of your death, or take over payments should you become disabled. Credit Life & Disability Insurance will not only make life easier for your loved ones... it will protect your credit rating by making sure the loan doesn't end up in default.

How It Works:

  • When you apply for a loan, you'll have the opportunity to enroll for Credit Life & Disability Insurance with no long approval process or medical exams.*
  • The policy becomes effective as soon as your loan is finalized and the first premium is paid.
  • For your convenience, your premiums are included in your loan payments!

You'll find the cost of Credit Life & Disability Insurance to be quite affordable, as premiums are tied only to the loan amount... not to your age, as it is with most types of insurance.

*If you apply for coverage after your loan has been in place for 30 days, you will be required to provide evidence of good health.

For more information on Credit Life and Disability Insurance, visit any EECU branch office or contact the EECU Member Service Center at (559)437-7700 or 1-800-538-EECU.

Credit life and credit disability insurance (CL & CD) is provided by EECU. EECU membership puts you in the EECU group of covered individuals and makes additional coverage available to you. CL & CD is not an obligation of EECU or guaranteed by EECU, even though an EECU employee may assist you with CL & CD. Any disputes regarding CL & CD insurance must be resolved between the EECU member and the insurance carrier (Minnesota Life) and/or EECU.

Credit Life & Disability Insurance does not cover suicide that occurs within one year of enrollment. In some states, the policy does not cover pre-existing medical conditions. Benefits are not provided if illness or injury are the result of self-inflicted injuries, normal pregnancy, war-related injury or illness, or medical conditions for which the insured received medical treatment, advice or diagnostic tests for the same or related condition within 6 months prior to the policy's effective date. However, total disability resulting from any such condition or related condition will not be excluded if total disability commences six months or more after the policy's effective date.

This is general information only. Please refer to your actual certificate for terms, conditions, coverage, limitations, and restrictions.

EECU CA License # 0711830

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