Visa Credit Cards

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Visa Credit Cards

Credit cards with EMV chip

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Choose the Visa credit card that’s right for you – whether you’re just starting out and want to build credit or you prefer a card with a generous credit limit and rewards.

Features of all Visa Credit Cards:

Visa Platinum

The Visa Platinum Card is ideal for members who want a higher credit limit (up to $35,000) and the perks of a rewards card.

Visa Classic and Visa Golden Owl

The Classic Card is perfect for members seeking a low-cost credit card with no annual fee and credit limits to $15,000. Members of our Golden Owl Club (age 62 and above) can apply for the Golden Owl Visa Card.

Visa Starter/Student

Our Starter/Student Card has a credit limit up to $2,500 and is for members who are students or who have little or no credit history in their own name.

Visa Platinum Double Points

2 times the points on all Visa Platinum purchases thru September 30, 2022
*Double reward points effective 8/1/22 – 9/30/22 for new purchases only. Login to your account to browse rewards and review the terms and conditions.

Visa Account Disclosure

VISA Disclosure

Features and Benefits

Transfer Balances Online

It’s easy to transfer balances from other bank credit cards to your EECU Visa credit card. Simply login to Online Access Home Banking, select your credit card from the Accounts screen, and then select Balance Transfer from the Account Services menu. Click here to view our easy, step-by-step balance transfer guide.

Visa Fraud Text Alerts

Enroll your EECU EMV Debit and/or EMV Credit Card in our free fraud text alert service. When there is unusual activity on your account, you'll receive a text message on your mobile phone. You'll be able to review the transaction details and respond by text to verify the transaction. To enroll, login to your account and select Real-Time Fraud Alerts from the More menu in Mobile Banking or the Additional Services menu in Online Banking.

Standard text messaging and data rates may apply.

Visa Purchase Alerts

Get a text or email alert whenever you pay with your Visa credit card. Sign up for the alert notifications that are right for you, such as purchases that are:

  • above a certain dollar amount
  • outside of the U.S.
  • made online or over the phone

To sign up, login to Online Banking and select Visa Purchase Alerts in the Additional Services menu and complete the enrollment screens. In the mobile app, login and tap the More menu and select Visa Purchase Alerts. View our Visa Purchase Alerts Setup Instructions Guide for help setting up your alerts.

Visa Credit Card PIN

If you’d like to use your EECU Visa Credit Card for cash advances at ATMs, you can create or change your PIN using our PIN Now service. Just call 1-888-891-2435 from the number on file for your Visa account. You’ll need to provide the following information:

  • Your card number
  • Last four digits of SSN
  • The three-digit CVV code on the back of the card
  • The four-digit PIN of your choice

To change your credit card PIN you must use the PIN Now service; it is not available at our branch locations or through our Member Service Center. You may request a PIN by calling us or visiting a branch and one will be sent to you via postal mail.

Visa Credit Card Discounts

Find great deals on brands you love when you pay with your Visa card, and you’ll be able to stock up on all the things you need – along with the ones you want!

Visa Credit Card Lost/Stolen Numbers

Within the U.S.

1-800-234-5354-After hours

Outside of the U.S.

Call collect +1-303-967-1096

Cardholders traveling in other countries can also report their credit cards lost/stolen by using the following toll-free numbers

EECU Visa Credit Card Payment Options

  • Use the Transfer function in EECU’s Online Banking to schedule one-time or repeat payments from an EECU account. Visa payments are posted on the transfer date but may not show in your online Visa transaction history for three to five business days.
  • If you are making a Visa payment using funds from a non-EECU account, consider setting up the payment through the other financial institution’s Online Bill Payment.
  • Call our Member Service Center to transfer funds from an EECU account to your Visa or to make a check-by-phone payment using funds from a non-EECU account.
  • Visit any EECU branch to make the payment in person. If the payment is made using funds from a non-EECU account, we require a physical check from the non-EECU account to deposit and apply to your EECU Visa.
  • Mail the payment to the address on your Visa statement.
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