MyCash is the premier club for EECU members ages 18-24.

We're all about helping you kick-start your financial life, so not only do we offer better rates, but services just for you.

Free Checking Account

Your EECU Checking Account has no minimum balance requirements, no monthly service fee, and free use of EECU, network and Co-Op ATMs. Learn more.

Visa Check Card

Enjoy the convenience of accessing your money day or night at any EECU or Co-Op ATM, up to $500 per day. Plus, you can use your Check Card to make purchases and get cash back. Learn more.

Student Visa Credit Card

Score! This is the best way to start building your important credit history. There's no annual fee, and we'll give you up to a $2,500 credit limit. Learn more.

Student Overdraft Protection Loan

When you've got a Checking Account, the main thing is to never write a check for more than the amount you have in your account. Duh. But the fact is, sometimes it happens to the best of us. Have no fear. Our overdraft loan protects you from embarrassment and costly fees. Learn more.

Technology Loan

Buy a computer, tablet, cell phone, home theater system, and more at one really low rate. Learn more.

Student Auto Loan

EECU offers some of the best auto loan rates around. You receive rate discounts based on your GPA and automatic payment! Learn more.

What You'll Need to Join

  • Social Security Number
  • Birth Date
  • Mother’s Maiden Name
  • Driver's license or government ID
  • Current home address
  • Opening deposit: $5 for savings; $10 for checking
  • Phone number

Financial Resources

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