4 Kids

At EECU, we want your money to grow as fast as you! So we've put together the fun money club called 4Kids for our members 12 years old and younger. This club offers some really cool ways to make it easy and fun to save and access your accounts. Check it out!

  • Opening deposit of $5
  • Free gift when account is opened
  • Dividends earned on every dollar deposited
  • Prize Drawings - Every time you make a deposit, we stamp your 4Kids Savings Card. Once your card is full, you'll be entered in our quarterly prize drawings!
  • Quarterly newsletter with articles on wise saving and spending
  • Free online account access - watch your money grow!

What You'll Need to Join

A parent or legal guardian of the minor is required to be a joint owner on the account.

  • Social Security Number
  • Birth Date
  • Mother’s Maiden Name
  • Driver's license or government ID
  • Current home address
  • Opening deposit: $5 for savings
  • Phone number

Help your child take the first step toward financial responsibility.
Call EECU today for more information about opening a 4Kids Club Account.
559-437-7700 or 1-800-538-EECU