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ECOlogical Loan

An Energy Smart lifestyle begins with an ECOlogical Loan! If you're looking to purchase energy smart products and services, this is the loan for you.

  • Borrow from $100 to $40,000
  • Low, competitive interest rate
  • No application fees

Use your EECU ECOlogical Loan any way you want. You can:

  • Install solar panels to convert sunshine to electricity
  • Replace old windows, doors, skylights, furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps and attic fans with energy-efficient/Energy Star products
  • Seal energy leaks and add insulation
  • Purchase energy-efficient/Energy Star appliances - refrigerator, freezer, washer/dryer, dishwasher, stove, oven, and microwave
  • Install a solar water system for your pool or spa
  • Increase energy efficiency with a fireplace insert
  • Install drought tolerant/synthetic lawns
  • Purchase rubber mulch/bark
  • Install a recirculating hot water pump
  • Install rain gutters and rainwater harvesting products (e.g. rain barrels)
  • Purchase a sump pump
  • Add drip irrigation and irrigation controls
  • Purchase a swimming pool cover
  • Purchase an instant water heater
  • Upgrade landscape to drought tolerant/xeriscape
  • Tree trimming
  • Install a greywater reuse system
  • Replace pipes, drains, and fences
  • Install a deck
  • Remove turf
  • Purchase high efficiency toilets

Products and services purchased with the ECOlogical Loan proceeds must meet EECU Energy Efficiency Standards. No home equity, appraisal or collateral is required to apply.


Overdraft Protection Loan

Perfect for when your Checking Account is running "a little short." If there isn't enough money in your Checking Account to cover the checks you've written, we'll automatically transfer money from your Overdraft Protection Loan to your Checking Account.

Student Overdraft Protection Loan

Exclusively for members ages 18 to 24, this loan protects you if you write a check but don't have enough funds in your account to cover the check.

Technology Loan

Keeping up with the latest technology can get expensive. It's a good thing EECU offers such a great rate on technology purchases! Finance computers, tablets, printers, cell phones, home theaters and more.


MyCash Technology Loan

Need a new cell phone, computer, printer, or home theatre? Save some green by financing it at EECU.

E-Z Loan

As the name implies, this loan makes it easy on you to borrow the cash you need for virtually any reason!

Budget Balancer Loan

Also known as a bill consolidation loan, we'll help you get your budget in balance by consolidating your bills into one loan.

  • Borrow from $100 to $30,000
  • Consolidate payments
  • Competitive interest rate

Signature Line of Credit

This line of credit works like a credit card, except you don't need to carry or use a plastic card.


Share-Secured Loan

This loan is perfect for people who want to establish credit. Because the loan is secured by your share deposits it requires little or no additional qualifications.