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Tower District ATM Now Open

Our ATM in Fresno's Tower District is now open. The walk-up ATM is in the Dollar Tree parking lot next to the Chicken Pie Shop. The ATM has been designed to fit in nicely with the character of the Tower District.

New Graphics & Account Menus at EECU ATMs

The screens at all EECU ATMs have been updated with new graphics and new account menu options. You’ll notice some changes to the screens when you make a withdrawal, transfer or deposit.

Click on the Help Guides below to see an overview of the new screens and account menus.

EECU ATM Transfer Guide

EECU ATM Deposit Guide

EECU ATM Withdrawal Guide

You’ll also notice that we’ve added a Preferences option to the main menu.  You can set your Preferences for the following options

  • Transaction language (English or Spanish)
    • Once you set your preferred language you will no longer be presented with this screen at EECU ATMs.The screens will automatically default to your preferred language.
  • Receipts (Yes, No, Always Ask Me)
    • If ‘No’ is selected, you won’t see the receipt screen anymore at EECU ATMs (the only exception is when you make a deposit; receipts are automatically printed for all deposits).
  • Fast Cash (default is $40, change to any amount in multiples of $20, max. $400)
    • Once you set your preferred Fast Cash amount, the Fast Cash menu option will be updated to the amount you selected (EECU ATMs only).
    • A new Fast Cash menu will now appear on the PIN entry screen.If you just want to get Fast Cash, you can simply enter your PIN and then press the Fast Cash option – all from one single screen. The ATM will dispense your money and your card.One step and you’re done!

Preferences can be changed at any time by selecting the Change Preferences menu option on the main menu screen.

Planning to use your debit or credit card while traveling? Be sure to let us know!

EECU takes extensive measures to help minimize and prevent fraud. If we notice debit or credit card transactions from a location that is outside of your normal spending pattern, we may block your card for your protection. If you know you’ll be traveling and using your card(s), let us know to prevent interruption in card access while you travel. Call us at 1-800-538-3328 and let us know your travel dates, or complete the Traveling Members form in Online Banking (the form is located in the Additional Services menu).

Change Your Contact Information Quickly & Securely in Online Access

Have you moved recently or changed your phone number or email? You can quickly and securely update your contact information in Online Access Home Banking. Simply login, select My Settings > Update Contact Information and enter your new address and contact number(s). Select Update Email Options to change your email address.