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Member Account Confirmation Letter

As an integral part of our risk management process, every year EECU contacts a sample of its members to confirm the accuracy of their account balances. The process is required by our auditors (Moss Adams LLP) and our regulators. It is one of the many internal control processes followed by the credit union to enhance the accuracy and reliability of our financial reporting system which ultimately protects you, our member.

If you received one of the letters, you will notice that only the last four digits of your account number will appear on the share and loan account confirmation. For example, if the account number is 12345678, it will be printed on the letter as xxxx5678.

Please confirm your share, loan or Visa information noted on the letter and respond directly to Moss Adams LLC at the address below if the information is incorrect or if requested to do so in the letter. As always, with any documentation that has personal information, please be sure to shred it after you’ve received it and taken action.

Moss Adams LLP
101 Second Street, Suite 900
San Francisco, CA 94105

If you received this letter and have any questions, please call:

Casey Meeks
EECU Internal Audit Director
(559) 437-7727

Member Service Call Center
(800) 538-3328 

The Home Depot Data Breach

The Home Depot has confirmed a breach of its payment data systems that may affect debit and credit cardholders who used their card at its U.S. and Canada stores from April 2014 forward. We are monitoring this situation closely and we will notify you if we see any fraudulent transactions on your account. We recommend that you review your account activity and statements closely and let us know if you see any transactions that you don’t recognize.

Click here for the official statement from The Home Depot. 

David and Derek Carr Partner with EECU

Fresno State’s own David and Derek Carr are endorsing EECU. The Carr brothers are community leaders, all-round great guys and awesome athletes. Both were outstanding Fresno State quarterbacks, leading the Bulldogs to many memorable victories and setting numerous school and conference records. Derek is starting his NFL career after the Oakland Raiders selected him in the second round of this year’s draft. David was the first pick of the 2002 NFL draft by the Houston Texans. His professional career spanned 11 seasons.

EECU is proud to be partnering with the Carr brothers!

Self-Serve Coin Machines at EECU Branches

Do you have a lot of loose change lying around? Bring it to EECU! We have FREE self-service coin machines in our Barstow, Valentine, Selma and Merced branches. The machines are for EECU members only.

You just drop the coins in the machine and it counts them for you. The machine will print a receipt that you can take to a teller, and then you can choose cash or deposit. It's that easy! We plan to install coin machines at many of our other branch offices in the future.


EECU Call Center
1-800-538-EECU (3328)