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Our new ATM in Madera Ranchos is open for business!

The ATM is located in the Madera Ranchos Plaza parking lot at Avenue 12 and Fernwood Drive. It is the only full-service ATM in the Madera Ranchos area.

Millions of People Affected by Anthem Security Breach

According to news sources, as many as 80 million customers of Anthem Inc. have had their personal information stolen. The attackers obtained personal information such as names, birthdays, medical IDs/Social Security numbers, street addresses, email addresses and employment information, including income data.

We encourage you to visit Anthem’s website,, for information about the security breach and how they are responding. According to the site, Anthem will individually notify current and former members who were affected by the breach, and they also plan to offer credit monitoring and identity protection monitoring services free of charge.
As with any security breach, it’s important that you monitor your account and credit information closely for any signs of fraud or identity theft. Below are some tips provided by the Better Business Bureau for consumers who have had personal information stolen:
  • Do not take a "wait and see" approach as you may have done with breaches involving credit card data. You must act quickly. Breaches involving Social Security numbers have the potential to be far more detrimental to victims, and the damage can be difficult to repair.
  • Consider taking a preemptive strike by freezing your credit reports. This will not impact existing credit cards and financial accounts, but will create a roadblock for thieves seeking to create fraudulent accounts using your personal information.
  • At a minimum, if you know your Social Security number has been compromised, place a fraud alert on your credit reports. While less effective than a freeze, this will provide an extra layer of protection.
  • Take advantage of the free credit monitoring services Anthem will be offering to breach victims. While this is not a preventative measure, this will alert you to new accounts or inquiries using your Social Security number so that you can act quickly to repair the damage.
  • Vigilance is key. Regularly check your credit reports at for unauthorized charges or other signs of fraud. 
  • For more information and complete step-by-step guidance on repairing the damage caused by identity theft, visit the  FTC's identity theft resources.  
  • Expect that scammers will take advantage of this data breach to send out phishing emails and other messages that appear to be from Anthem, a credit bureau or other legitimate companies. Do not click on links from any email, text or social media messages about this or any other data breach.

David and Derek Carr Partner with EECU

Fresno State’s own David and Derek Carr are endorsing EECU. The Carr brothers are community leaders, all-round great guys and awesome athletes. Both were outstanding Fresno State quarterbacks, leading the Bulldogs to many memorable victories and setting numerous school and conference records. Derek is starting his NFL career after the Oakland Raiders selected him in the second round of this year’s draft. David was the first pick of the 2002 NFL draft by the Houston Texans. His professional career spanned 11 seasons.

EECU is proud to be partnering with the Carr brothers!

Self-Serve Coin Machines at EECU Branches

Do you have a lot of loose change lying around? Bring it to EECU! We have FREE self-service coin machines in our Barstow, Valentine, Selma and Merced branches. The machines are for EECU members only.

You just drop the coins in the machine and it counts them for you. The machine will print a receipt that you can take to a teller, and then you can choose cash or deposit. It's that easy! We plan to install coin machines at many of our other branch offices in the future.


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